Claudia Massioni

HafenCity University Hamburg
DFG Research Training Group 2725
Henning-Voscherau-Platz 1
20457 Hamburg

Room: 02.01.08 (Campus Tower)

+49 (0)40 42827 4394

Claudia Massioni has carried out training experiences in the USA, Italy, and Germany. After a high-school exchange year (Portland, OR), she completed a 5-year master’s degree program in building engineering and architecture at Marche Polytechnic University (UNIVPM, Ancona). During that, she joined the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Erasmus+). She worked in an architecture office and in the research project on school architecture ‘PROSA – PROtotypes of Schools to Be Lived’ at UNIVPM as part of the PRIN Programme. Her master’s thesis about post-WWII housing projects deepened her interest in transformative retrofitting. Around this topic, she developed her proposal for the DFG research training group ‘Urban future-making’ during a stay at the Institute of Urban Design and Planning (IES), Leibniz University Hannover. Claudia is currently affiliated with TU Delft as a guest researcher at the Faculty of Architecture in the Section Theories, Territories, Transitions (Architectural Design Crossovers group).