Housing and circularity (upcoming)

European Network for Housing Research (ENHR) Conference 2024, ‘Making housing systems work: Evidence and solutions’, Delft, 26–30 August 2024

Organizers: Ad Straub (TU Delft), Claudia Massioni (HCU Hamburg & TU Delft), Piero Medici (TU Delft)

In recent years, the notion of the circular economy has motivated academics and professionals to juxtapose housing with the concept of circularity, concerning both new construction and existing buildings. In this workshop, we ask ourselves the following questions:
• How can circular housing design, renovation, and construction contribute to a circular built environment?
• What new roles do involved stakeholders in circular housing developments play?
• How can local circular design and construction processes optimize resource flows without affecting resources in other parts of the world?
The workshop series invites researchers from different academic backgrounds to bring their perspectives on circularity related to housing at different scales.

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