The making of urban twins: Perspectives into the black box of software development in Hamburg

International conference: Digital Twins & Doubles: Data of Cooperation, Siegen, 17–19 July 2023

Presenters: Michelle Renz (HafenCity University Hamburg), Johanna Fischer (HafenCity University Hamburg)

One main aspect discussed in the field of digital twins is representation: How far can a city, as a complex, socially entangled, and multilayered open system, be digitally represented through code and models? Since technology, including these codes and models, is never neutral and is socially constructed, we need to investigate how digital technologies are developed. Consequently, it is crucial to understand how a functional digital twin comes into being, and thereby to analyse paths of development on how, where, and by whom the twin code, models, and feedback are developed. Coming from urban design and sociology, our role in this project is to research how the twins come into being.

Image © University of Siegen.
Image © University of Siegen.

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