Kuala Lumpur: Post-Vision 2020 and post-pandemic futures

Authors: Tim Bunnell, Keng-Khoon Ng

In: Routledge Handbook of Asian Cities, Editor: Richard Hu

First launched in 1991, Vision 2020 was a Kuala Lumpur–centred vision of Malaysia as a ‘fully developed’ nation by 2020. Although it was clear long before 2020 that many of the aspirations and targets of Vision 2020 would not be met, the year remained an important symbolic milestone for urban and national development. The advent of Covid-19 meant that deliberation of post-Vision 2020 futures became overwhelmed by efforts to deal with a pandemic present. This chapter provides a critical analysis of urban (re)development in Kuala Lumpur in the politically tumultuous years leading up to 2020, and the pandemic-dominated period since.

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