Interlocking connections for bending-active timber structures with variable stiffness

Annual Symposium: International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures (IASS), Melbourne, 10–14 July 2023

Presenters: Maren Zywietz, Annette Bögle, Ehsan Taghiyar

Material and energy shortages have made efficient material use, reuse, and recycling critical in 21st-century construction. Wood, a renewable resource, is gaining attention for its potential application in lightweight and structurally efficient gridshells. Many timber gridshells rely on bending-active structural behaviour, shaped by material and cross-sectional properties. However, conventional timber, bonded with non-biodegradable glue and inseparable steel connections, poses sustainability challenges. This paper introduces a modular system for elastically bent solid timber laths with interlocking connections and segmented cross-sections, enabling variable stiffness and promoting circular design in bending-active timber structures. This research offers new possibilities for quality craftsmanship and a new architectural and engineering language.

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