Schöpfung – Zerstörung: Evolution statt Tabula Rasa in der Architektur

In: Angst.Ekel.Scheitern: Ein Austausch zu den blinden Flecken der Nachhaltigkeit, Editors: Yvonne Siegmund, Ina Jessen, Ulrich Bildstein

Evolution describes a slow, continuously progressing development of particularly large or large-scale contexts (translation of Duden, 2019), in contrast to revolution, which seeks radical change (ibid.). In the context of sustainable urban/building transformation, it is the more successful strategy, as it builds on what is tried and tested but does not shy away from change. The transformation of Hamburg’s Oberhafen into a creative quarter is exemplary of this type of development. But it also shows that transformation requires users to adapt. Evolution takes place outside the usual comfort zones.

Published in German.

Image © Jovis Verlag.
Image © Jovis Verlag.

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