City-making: The festival as an urban experimental field

3. Mittelstadtkonferenz, ‘Transformation (mit)machen! Die sozial-ökologische Transformation auf kommunaler Ebene gestalten’, Aachen, 19–20 October 2023

This presentation used the example of a city-making festival to discuss whether urban planning institutions can learn from methods of tactical urbanism in the face of various crises, and what potentials and challenges (could) arise in this context. The first World Championship of Gameful Architecture, 72 Hour Interactions 2014 in Witten, served as an example. The presentation gave insight into the genesis and communication of the festival from the organizer’s perspective, and examined at the constellations of actors involved and the management of expectations. It also discussed festivals as methods of (temporary) collaborative city-making for socio-economic transformation.

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