Aufstockungen auf Siedlungsbauten der 1950er- und 1960er-Jahre: Eine Potenzialanalyse am Fallbeispiel Hamburger Wohnungsgenossen- schaftsbauten

Authors: Kathrin Meyer, Peter-Matthias Klotz

Given the increasing number of households in German cities and the rising demand for housing, the potential for one- to two-storey extensions on three- to four-storey residential buildings in Hamburg from the 1950s and 1960s is being examined. An analysis of the potential for these extensions is carried out on three levels: city, building, and construction.

At the city level, their potential was examined using digital maps and images. Residential building typologies were defined based on existing plans, while existing load reserves at the construction level were analysed through as-built statics. The results provide decision-making foundations for future extension projects and underline the relevance of this approach for housing construction.

Published in German.

Image © Ernst & Sohn GmbH.
Image © Ernst & Sohn GmbH.

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