Emilie D’Amico

University of Hamburg
DFG Research Training Group 2725
Grindelberg 5
20144 Hamburg

Room: 309

+49 (0)40 42838 8142

Emilie is currently working as an associate researcher in the Cluster of Excellence ‘Climate, Climatic Change, and Society’ (CLICCS) of the University of Hamburg (UHH), where she contributes to interdisciplinary research on climate governance, norms, and policies, with a focus on cities. Prior to that, she held different positions in public administrations (Metropolitan City of Milan, EU Commission, UNESCO) and in a private energy company, related to policy analysis and implementation in various domains, including climate and urban policy. Emilie has a background in political science, public administration, and environmental law. She has conducted research in areas such as energy policy, global climate governance, transnational regulation, and climate litigation.