The transformation of medium-sized cities: On new cultures of city-making

Coedited by Agnes Förster together with Cordula Kropp, Sabine Kuhlmann, Frank Lohrberg, Christopher Neuwirth, Jan Polívka, and Christa Reicher

Medium-sized cities are particularly relevant for the development of robust, crisis-proof, and sustainable spatial structures in Germany. At the same time, they face fundamental challenges for the future – including climate change, demographic change, and structural change – in a somewhat different way than large cities do. The contributions show how urban research and policy practice in medium-sized cities work together within the framework of the research training group ‘Mittelstadt als Mitmachstadt’ (Medium-sized cities as participatory cities) in order to jointly develop impulses for the transformation of smaller medium-sized cities. Particular potential for innovation is seen in the improved linking of spatial, governance, and process design: new perspectives for a sustainable future open up at the interfaces between these.

Published in German.

Image © Transcript.
Image © Transcript.

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