The Palgrave handbook of global politics in the 22nd century

Editors: Laura Horn, Ayşem Mert, Franziska Müller

This handbook offers a unique approach to the question: How do scholars write the future of global politics? Written in futur antérieur style, the contributions engage in world-building and imagine different futures of global politics. Set in a multiverse, 23 chapters draw on a range of possible themes and imaginaries, for instance post-pandemic conditions, the Anthropocene, and not least, academic practices and the roles of researchers. A concluding chapter anchors these explorations in contemporary discussions.

The book mirrors the format and style of existing handbooks, combining outlines and discussions of theories, structures, processes, and core issues in global politics with an academic science fiction account of how these might play out over the course of the next century. In doing so, the book challenges global politics and provides alternative imaginaries, rather than predicting future conditions for all humanity. The book invites readers to reflect on how thinking about the future has become an increasingly radical act, but more necessary than ever.

Image © Springer.
Image © Springer.

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