Productive processes: Pushing beyond the urban production baseline

In: Productive Processes: Sustainable Transitions for Urban Industrial Lands, Editors: Robin A. Chang, Agnes Förster, Stefan Gärtner, Leo Kohlhas

Inspired by ongoing discourses on the productive city, this article argues for a shift in focus towards productive processes through a strong process view. The intent is to clarify how instead of what urban communities and their environments must adapt with regard to urban and industrial lands. A framework of agency perspectives to support capacities to act through multiple levels of space and organization elaborates how different configurations of combined elements based in the realms of the experienced (software), material (hardware), and governed (orgware) environment interact to shape the possible processes for planning and development of valuable industrial and employment lands. This brings together diverse interpretations of activities at the firm-level with those from the city-level as a part of a claim for more a coherent district-level interface in order to help stakeholders manage the changes on cities’ industrial lands. The work draws on efforts from the Sustainable Adaptation of (Peri)Urban Industrial Lands (SAIL) pilot project to explore initial frameworks that might guide future analysis and empirical work.

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