Organizing creativity

Workshop: Transalpine Paper Development Workshop, Johannes Kepler University Linz, 12–13 May 2023

Organizers: Claudio Biscaro (JKU Linz), Elke Schüßler (JKU Linz), Fabrizio Montanari (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia)
Key discussant: Gernot Grabher

The First Creativity Paper Development Workshop is an opportunity for academics to develop their ongoing work, empirical or conceptual, related to creativity, broadly defined. The workshop will be developmental, with each paper having as a discussant a senior scholar with a track record of multiple publications in creativity.

This workshop aims to become an annual opportunity for early scholars in business/management to establish themselves in the vibrant international community of scholars interested in the study of creativity. It aims to initiate and support a budding community of Europe-based researchers with a shared interest in creativity and to offer them an environment to come together, meet each other as well as established scholars, benefit from close interpersonal relations, and initiate exciting new collaborations.

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