Entwicklung eines Wickelverfahrens für Bauteile aus kurzfaserbewehrtem Textilbeton

Authors: Fabian Kufner, Petra Rucker-Gramm, Michael Horstmann, Erika Hämmelmann-Breul, Frank Breul, Eric Hahn, Stefan Hettwer, Ulrich Pachow

In the research project WiFaPu (Wrapping process for highly fiber-reinforced concrete using the example of a pump sump), a wrapping process is developed, combining the advantages of glass-fiber-reinforced and textile-reinforced concrete. The process involves spraying fine-grained concrete with short fibers onto a carrier sheet and textile reinforcement, producing a thin layer wrapped continuously to form components of varying thickness. Challenges in process development and material coordination are addressed to ensure durable components with simple geometries and a reduced CO2 footprint. Demonstrator pump sumps exhibit high load-bearing capacity and suitability for use, validated through load and filling tests.

Published in German.

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