23 May, 2023, 17:00

Public lecture series
  • Prof. Dr. Vanesa Castán Broto (University of Sheffield)

    The promise of mundane innovation

  • Image © Kevon Adams.


    There are increasing calls to respond to climate change from cities, as cities are portrayed as the ultimate frontier of action. But what is the form and shape of urban climate action? In this talk, I argue that the focus on spectacular climate action distracts from the action that happens on the ground and that produces new engagements with the urban environment. This can be thought of as ‘mundane innovation‘ as it is a form of innovation that relates to people‘s lives in particular places. The lecture will provide evidence of the rise of mundane innovation, how it is ignored in policy discourse, and its growing importance. 

    About the lecturer

    Vanesa Castán Broto is is a professor of climate urbanism at the Urban Institute at the University of Sheffield, where she directs the ERC project ‘Low Carbon Action in Ordinary Cities‘.

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